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After searching for a home and not being able to finance through a bank my family looked into owner financing. After viewing several homes, we ran across This has been a very pleasant surprise. The process and people here are great! Phillip Warrick and his wife Lindsey have been very professional and the house is great. All of our needs have been met and the comfort of knowing that our money now goes toward our future and not into a landlords pocket.
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The Harper Family
Shore Acres, TX

First I want to say thank you for the support that you gave during the process of home ownership, from the beginning to the end, you have made what could have been a terrifying experience a warm and pleasant one. Secondly I want to thank HP Investment Group for giving me the opportunity to become a new first time home owner, this is something that I have wanted my entire life. I awaken every morning touching the wall to see if I’m dreaming, it’s real I am home. Thank you all for making my dream a reality and giving me this opportunity to become a homeowner, most of all for making the process easy. All my questions were answered in a timely manner, I would highly recommend your group to my peers and all others who are nervous about purchasing a home for the first time. Thank you…


HP Investment Group, Inc.
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Titusville, FL

We want to thank you for our new home. We’re very happy with the service we got from you!
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David and Ada J.
Round Rock, TX

Dreams do come true if you keep believing and working hard.  You made us "Believers".  However, they would not have without you believing in us.  We have never owned a home and our credit was not great.  You took the time and patience to show us how and what to do to be able to own a home.  The last time we were this excited is when one of our grandchildren was born.  What a Valentine's Day present we got and only because of you.  Words cannot express the gratitude and thanks we feel for you for making our dreams come true!!!!!  Thank you Phillip Warrick and Lindsey Warrick from the bottom of our hearts:)
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Ray & Christine Bass
LaPorte, TX

I appreciate all your help!  It was too easy!  Nobody wanted to talk to us before because our credit is horrible, but you guys did and I really appreciate that, my family thanks you, my daughter is ecstatic…We’re READY, we’re ready to move in!   

(THIS IS A TEXT MESSAGE she sent a few days later):  Thank you!  It is still so HARD to believe we are now HOME OWNERS!  We are prepping house so we can paint, and loving every min of it too. Thank you so much Laura we were so LUCKY to find you!  THANK YOU!  Eddie & Margie
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Margie D
Round Rock, TX

Dear Phillip Warrick and Lindsey,

       John, Megan and I would like to take this time to tell you what you have done for our family. After the experience, we had with our first house we were very leery about moving into another house. You guys have been the best in helping us to know that there are still good people out there that are willing to give us a chance to overcome our past obstacles.
Phillip Warrick you have been great to work with on our down payment and helping us in every way possible to get us into the new house as quickly as possible. Thank you so very much and God Bless you and your family.
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Danielle Dorman
Deer Park, TX

I’m excited to be able to own a home again!  Our family recently experienced our home getting foreclosed on, and it damaged our credit so badly we didn’t think we’d be able to own a home again.  We’ve had to live with my mom, and it’s been really hard for us and hasn’t felt the same as owning our own home. 

But then I got in contact with Lara, and she gave us that second chance.  Just 1 ½ months after losing our home, we are BUYING a new home that’s even bigger and better than our old house, even with our credit the way it is! Thank you for helping us!
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Joanne R.
Kyle, TX

“The folks at Resource Homes are great to work with - they even send me a card on my birthday. That never happened where I was before.”
Resource Homes LLC
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V. Carson
Forestdale, AL

“We were able to buy our home through the rent to own program with Resource Homes LLC.  When we started in the program, we were not ready yet to buy a home, but they helped us all along the way. We would not have been able to buy a house any other way.  Owning our own home had been our dream for years Thank You so much!”
Resource Homes LLC
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Jermaine and Letisa Brown
Hueytown, AL

“I have enjoyed being a client with Resource Homes.  They have helped me to own the home through Lease-to-Own.  I do thank all of them for working with me.”

Resource Homes LLC
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D Richardson
Huffman, AL

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