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My name is donald Williams,  I bought a house from Phillip Warrick and Lindsey Warrick in 2008, a beautiful house on 2 acres, bought it for 180000, was worth 200000, now I owe 140000 and its worth 225000, my credit was bad at the time, took me 6 years to repair my credit and get the loan in my name, he was very patient and helpful thru it all, I would refer Phillip and Lindsey Warrick to anyone, best investment I ever made.
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Donald Williams
Crosby, TX

If you’re considering working with M&J development on the sale, lease, or purchase of a property hesitate no further.  Mike and Jean are very experienced, knowledgable, professional, and above all VERY trustworthy.  They have a fantastic business helping buyers, renters, and sellers who need a little more TLC than is available through the traditional process. The deals that Mike is able to put together are truly win, win for both parties involved.  I would not hesitate for a second in recommending M&J development. 

Regards,     1/26/14
M & J Development LLC , COLORADO
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Brian Miller
Falls Church, VA

After the recent loss of my husband deciding what to do with my home was daunting to say the least. Sunset Property Solutions came along side me and provided insight on some potential options to consider. They were patient and understanding through the decision making process and now I will be spending as much time in Florida as I want and still have a smaller place in Tennessee when I go back to visit friends and family there.  
Sunset Property Solutions
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Murfreesboro, TN

After years of seeing my rent money building equity for someone else's property I gave my landlord notice that I was moving out. It was getting down to the wire on my move out date and no home to go to. With help from Sunset Property Solutions I found a home, closed on the purchase and moved in to my new home within a week. I was able to move from my tiny apartment into my newly purchased home on the same day. Now I'm building equity for me!          
Sunset Property Solutions
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St. Petersburg, FL

I want to thank you and your wife for giving me the "opportunity of a lifetime", to be able to purchase my own home!! 
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Tony F.
Ruckersville, VA

I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate renting from BCCW for the past six years.Bill Sanford, you, and all the staff, have been great. I regret that circumstances led me to have to move but would recommend BCCW to anyone looking for a home. I really thank you for working with me when I was out of work and struggling and for being so quick to resolve any problems that arose. If anyone should ever want to talk to me about renting or buying from Bill, please feel free to contact me. I wish you all the best of luck.

Floyd Bradford
AHB Realty and Property Management
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Floyd Bradford
Snow Camp, NC

Thank you for such an easy fast transaction!
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Don Branden and Shannon S.
Leander, TX

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO: (Tell us how you’re feeling right now.) I am overwhelmed actually. It’s a great feeling to have a piece of the American Dream, to have your own home. And I’m a young person. You know, you have hard work showing in a beautiful home, it’s a great feeling, so I’m very grateful. And you’ve been very helpful. 

(Oh, thank you very much. So do you have any plans for redecorating or painting?) Oh yes, I have a few things I want to do, but the home is really beautiful so there’s not much that I want to do. 

(Did you ever think you’d be able to own a home at the age that you’re at? You’re 28, right?) Not 28 yet, in September, I’m 27. I was trying to do it before 30, and I actually did it pretty fast.
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Camille N.
Killeen, TX

We really weren’t expecting to be able to buy a home for awhile.  But God bless us, we were able to meet Miss Lara. She’s been great with us, educating us on the process, and we couldn’t have done it without her. Tremendous blessings to you. We’ve already painted his room all “McQueen” colors. We’re gonna paint our bathroom and do some landscaping in the future.  Thank you Lara, thank you, Home Freedom Realty, and thank you God, for giving us this opportunity.
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Jennifer and Doug W.
Killeen, TX

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO: (Hi my name is Lara, I’m sitting here with Norma Guerrero. She just purchased a home that she absolutely LOVES. She was living in this cramped little 2 bedroom, what was it, an apartment? They just moved into an awesome 1800 square foot, 4 bedroom home, they’re gonna have so much space now. And Norma, tell me a little bit about how you feel right now. You just purchased a home!)… I’m so happy. I was looking for a home for the past 4 weeks, and it just took me 4 days to get a new home, and I’m so happy for that. 

(That’s great. Well, I’m very happy for you. Have you ever tried to apply for a loan before? Or what was your situation?) The thing is that I don’t have a history on my credit. So that’s why I never applied for a home… They’re doing the tile all over the house. Thank you!
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Norma G.
Manor, TX

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